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Voidokilia Beach

Having visited Voidokilia twice it really is the most beautiful setting, the water is crystal clear and is protected from the heavier swell of the open sea by the two arms of the bay. Quiet and never crowded my wife loved to swim in the bay for long periods, it never gets really deep just watch some of the stones underfoot can be sharp. Parking is free but there are no facilities probably because there is not a huge amount of room for cars...the beach is at the end of a lane about 2kilometres off the main road. You need to bring food and drink with you.
It really is the most idyllic spot, we had a little naturist company with a couple from Norway who have been many times and a few local couples.
Will - Voidokilia Beach

Plage des Lays

Update this year.....a lot more naturists to be seen, predominantly couples. Still lots of space, the naturist area has expanded and now starts just a couple of hundred metres from the Paree Grollier car park. Still a delightful place with walking possible for around a kilometre.

La Grande Plage

The ‘Grand Plage’ on the Ile d’Oleron is a truly wonderful naturist beach stretching for 4 or 5 miles south from the edge of the textile area which is about 300 metres from the car park exit. The road to the car park is about a mile and a half from the roundabout at the Port of St Trojan Les Bains. It is tarmac throughout but the entrance is guarded by a height bar restricting camper vans etc. There is a car park which caters for around a hundred cars at the end plus bays further along the road. You need to be there by 10:30 in high season or you will find your walk getting longer and longer!
The demarcation between the naturist and textile beaches is clearly marked by posts, strangely there is a 100 metre ‘no mans land’ which is occupied by no one. The naturist beach is quiet even at the busiest summer period and is mainly couples and families, on the days we were there even a majority of women. You only need to walk another few hundred metres and you will have the beach to yourselves barring a few walkers. There is a toilet at the car park and a refreshment caravan doing light snacks.
Will - La Grande Plage
Will - La Grande Plage (2)
Will - La Grande Plage (3)

Plage du Petit Pont

Lovely open sandy beach, big waves on the day we visited which may not suit children, with quite an undertow. Car park within 500 metres of the naturist beaches but not an arduous walk. No facilities.


Stunning beaches abound in Fuerteventura, you find it difficult to define where beach and desert begin. Corraljo is perhaps the best but it is a matter of can walk naked for at least a couple of miles from the parking area on the main road but the naturist area is quite ill defined, you almost feel you can be naked straight from your car! (See pictures) Lovely beach and sea but it is true that the water is often carrying quite a swell and undertow on a steeply shelving beach but guards are on duty. Real mix of naturist and textile which takes a bit of getting used to, but no one seems bothered either way. Not crowded when we were there in September, but you can only get there by parking on the road which in itself restricts the numbers on the beach. Nearest large car park is at the hotels about 4 miles to the north which is a fair trek.
Will - Corralejo

Plage du Camping Naturiste Sérignan Plage

Lovely open beach with only about 300 metre walk from the car park alongside the naturist campsite. Plenty of room for walking naked about 500 metres to the west and about the same stop at the textile beach and campsite in that direction. There is a good snack bar just a few metres into the textile you have to slip shorts on for that short journey! Sea is ideal for swimming as my wife loves to do.

Mandomata Nudist Beach

Visited the official nudist beach on Rhodes at Mandomata (Faliraki) today....exceeded our expectations in many ways. Lovely atmosphere with decent sun loungers for hire at 5€ a day, real mix of nationalities and ages with a majority of couples. The beach is well supervised with two clean toilet blocks and a bar/cafe serving a good range of decent food and Amstel on draught! The beer served in ice cold tankards to take to your spot on the beach...lots of other beverages if you’re driving. This beach had a poor reputation about ten to fifteen years ago but as far as we could see that has been put right. My wife was more than happy to go naked without hesitation as there were many women throughout the beach. Buoys keep the curious pleasure boats at a reasonable distance (but what is a reasonable distance with modern cameras?) matter they are no threat. We will pay another visit (at least one) before we leave.
Will. - Mandomata Nudist Beach

Plage des Lays

Still super! Huge beach, very quiet, nothing to detract from enjoying a great naturist experience. Enjoyed searching for sea glass and lovely walks.
Will - Plage des Lays
Will - Plage des Lays (2)
Will - Plage des Lays (3)
Will - Plage des Lays (4)

Plage des Lays

Plenty of naturists around when we visited late July 2014. Lots of dunes behind the beach with one or two "observers" but not intrusive. Lovely open beach.
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